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Areas of Expertise

Presentation of the Sectors of Activity in which NBL Group has particular expertise

NBL Group has particular expertise in a number of business sectors, offering specialist legal and commercial support to clients operating in these areas. These sectors include

Information and Communications Technology (ICT)

NBL Group assists companies in the ICT sector, such as software developers, Internet service providers and hardware manufacturers, with intellectual property, contracts, regulatory compliance and dispute resolution.

Pharmaceutical and medical device industry

NBL Group assists companies in the healthcare sector, including drug pharmaceutical manufacturers, biotechnology companies and medical device suppliers, in areas such as regulation, intellectual property protection, strategic partnerships and mergers and acquisitions.

Energy and Natural Resources

NBL Group advises companies operating in the energy sector, including power generators and distributors, oil and gas companies, and renewable energy companies, on contracting, regulation, environmental liability and project finance.

Real estate and construction

NBL Group assists players in the real estate and construction sector, including, investors, contractors and property managers, in areas such as real estate transactions, commercial leases, construction regulation and real estate litigation.

Finance and financial services

NBL Group assists companies in the financial sector, including banks, insurance companies and asset management companies, with financial regulation, financial transactions, compliance and dispute resolution.

Transport and logistics

NBL Group advises companies in the transport and logistics sector, including airlines, shipping companies and logistics service providers, on contractual, regulatory, liability and dispute resolution issues.

Manufacturing and Food

NBL Group assists companies in the manufacturing and food industries sectors with commercial contracts, regulation, intellectual property protection and dispute resolution.

Tourism and Hospitality

NBL Group assists players in the tourism and hospitality sector, such as hoteliers, tour operators and travel agents, in areas such as commercial contracts, industry regulation and dispute resolution.

With this in-depth sector expertise, NBL Group is able to provide legal and business advice tailored to the specific needs of clients in these sector, taking into account the issues and challenges specific to each sector.


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