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Our Services

Promotion of International Partnerships

Support in commercial and distribution partnerships

We help our clients identify, negotiate and implement commercial and distribution partnerships to expand their presence in new markets and strengthen their distribution network. Our services include the management of distribution, licensing, affiliate and customer-supplier partnerships, depending on the specific needs of each company. (NBL Group S001)

Coaching in collaborative and development partnerships

Our team supports clients in establishing collaborative and development partnerships to drive innovation and improvement of products and services. We facilitate co-development, joint research, technology exchange and skills sharing agreements to support our clients’ growth and competitiveness.(NBL Group S002)

Support for strategic and investment partnerships

We support our clients in creating strategic and investment partnerships to access new financial resources and strengthen their competitive position in the marketplace. Our services cover joint venture partnerships, capital investments, mergers and acquisitions, ensuring that clients benefit from a sound strategy tailored to their needs.(NBL Group S003)

International Fundraising

Support in finding international funding

We assist our clients in identifying and soliciting international funding sources to support their growth and projects worldwide. Our team assists in identifying financial institutions, private investors and government agencies that can provide funding, as well as preparing the necessary documentation to solicit these funds. (NBL Group S004)

Expertise in corporate law and corporate governance

We advise and assist our clients on legal issues related to the creation, management and governance of companies, ensuring compliance with local and international regulations. Our services cover company formation, corporate governance management, regulatory compliance and legal intelligence. (NBL Group S005)

Mastering commercial contracts and negotiations

Our expert team offers advice and assistance in drafting, negotiating and managing commercial contracts to minimise legal risks and maximise benefits for all parties involved. We provide contract drafting, negotiation, contract management and contract dispute resolution services. (NBL Group S006)

Mergers and Acquisitions Support

Advising and assisting clients in the M&A process, including target evaluation, transaction structuring and legal and regulatory management. (NBL Group S007)

  • Target evaluation : Assisting clients in identifying and evaluating merger and acquisition opportunities in line with  their strategic and financial objectives.
  • Structuring transactions : advising clients on the optimal structuring of transactions, taking into account tax, legal  and regulatory aspects.
  • Negotiation and drafting of transaction documents : Assisting clients in negotiating the terms and conditions of the  transaction and drafting the necessary legal documents.
  • Regulatory Approval Management : Assisting clients in obtaining the regulatory approvals required to complete  transactions, ensuring compliance with local and international laws and regulations.

Protection of intellectual property

Advising and assisting clients in the protection and management of their intellectual property assets, such as patents, trademarks, copyrights and trade secrets. (NBL Group S008)

  • Intellectual property strategy: Assisting clients in developing and implementing strategies to protect and enhance  their intellectual property assets.
  • Filing and management of intellectual property rights: Assisting clients in the filing and management of their  patents, trademarks and copyrights, ensuring compliance with local and international regulations.
  • Intellectual property contracts and licences : Advising and assisting clients in drafting and negotiating intellectual  property contracts and licences.
  • Intellectual property litigation : Representation and defence of clients’ interests in the event of disputes or  infringements of their intellectual property rights.

Advice on labour and social law

Advising and assisting clients on legal issues related to labour law and industrial relations, ensuring compliance  with local and international regulations. (NBL Group S009)

  • Drafting employment contracts : Assists clients in drafting clear employment contracts that comply with applicable  laws and regulations.
  • Labour relations management : Advising clients on managing relations with employees and trade union  representatives, including negotiating collective agreements and resolving disputes.
  • Employment law compliance : Assisting clients to understand and comply with legal and regulatory requirements  applicable to their employees, such as working conditions, wages and benefits.
  • Labour law litigation : Representation and defence of clients’ interests in labour law disputes and litigation.

Tax optimisation and structuring

Advising and assisting clients i n optimising their tax burden and structuring their operations to minimise legal and tax risks. (NBL Group S010)

  • Tax planning : Assists clients in planning and optimising their tax burden taking into account local and international  regulations and tax reduction opportunities.
  • Structuring of transactions : advising clients on the optimal structuring of their transactions, taking into account tax  and legal aspects.
  • Tax compliance : Assisting clients in understanding and complying with legal and regulatory tax requirements by  preparing and submitting the required tax returns.
  • Tax litigation : Representation and defence of clients’ interests in the event of disputes or litigation with the tax  authorities.

Dispute resolution and arbitration

Advising and assisting clients in the resolution of commercial disputes, whether through litigation, arbitration or mediation. (NBL Group S011)

  • Litigation Assessment : Helps clients assess the risks and opportunities associated with litigation and determine the  best resolution strategy.
  • Negotiation and mediation : Accompanying clients in negotiations and mediations to resolve conflicts amicably.
  • Arbitration : Representation and defence of clients’ interests in arbitration proceedings, ensuring that their rights  and interests are protected.
  • Litigation : Representation of clients before courts and tribunals in commercial disputes.

Regulatory and legal compliance

Advising and assisting clients to ensure compliance with local and international regulations and to prevent legal risks. (NBL Group S012)

  • Regulatory Risk Assessment : Helps clients identify and assess regulatory compliance risks. Implementation of compliance programmes: Advising clients on the implementation of internal policies and  procedures to ensure regulatory compliance and prevent violations.
  • Training and awareness : Training and awareness of clients’ employees on regulatory requirements and  compliance best practices.
  • Compliance audits : Conducting internal and external audits to verify customer compliance with applicable  regulations.

International Law and Trade Support

Advising and assisting clients in managing the legal aspects of international trade, ensuring compliance with local and international laws and regulations. (NBL Group S013)

  • International contracts : Assists clients in drafting and negotiating international contracts, taking into account the  legal and cultural specificities of different jurisdictions.
  • International Trade Regulatory Compliance : Advising clients on legal and regulatory requirements related to  international trade, such as customs duties, quotas and import/export licences.
  • International Trade Risk Management : Assisting clients in identifying and managing international trade risks, such  as currency fluctuations, economic sanctions and trade barriers.
  • International dispute resolution : Representation and defence of clients’ interests in international disputes, using  dispute resolution mechanisms such as arbitration and mediation.

These services provide comprehensive support to clients in various areas of law and business, taking into account the specifics of each situation and local and international regulations. They enable clients to navigate a complex and changing legal environment, while protecting and enforcing their rights and interests.

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