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Digital technologies and their impact on international investment

The World Investment Report 2022 explores the impact of digital technologies on international investment. This article examines the opportunities and challenges that these technologies present for governments and investors, as well as the implications for sustainable development.

Digital technologies, such as artificial intelligence, blockchain and the Internet of Things, are transforming production patterns and global value chains. They offer investment opportunities in new sectors and new forms of work organisation. However, they also present challenges, such as data protection, cybersecurity and the changing skills requirements of the labour market.

Governments need to put in place appropriate policies and regulations to encourage investment in digital technologies and ensure that such investment contributes to sustainable development. They must also invest in training and skills development to prepare the workforce for the jobs of tomorrow. Investors, for their part, need to be aware of the opportunities and risks associated with digital technologies and adapt their investment strategies accordingly. They also need to work with governments and stakeholders to promote the responsible and ethical use of digital technologies.

Digital technologies are transforming international investment and providing opportunities and challenges for governments and investors. Appropriate policies and regulations are crucial to ensure that investments in digital technologies contribute to sustainable development and the creation of quality jobs.